Monday, September 23, 2013

Waking up on a 20-ton pile of "war supplies." September 23rd, 1943

The greeting party, when I landed, consisted of two men: Maurice Southgate and Auguste Chantraine, mayor of Tendu and counselor for the district.  They whistled to find me.  It was a dark night and they hadn’t really seen where I had landed.  I whistled back--a previously agreed-on code of two descending notes--and that’s how they found me. 

Although I already knew Maurice, we didn't talk about anything at all.  Maurice just asked me, "Did you see where your bags fell?"  I said, "Listen, it was enough working out how I was going to land myself, I've no idea, I didn't see them."  My bags had fallen in the water.  I only managed to retrieve them three weeks later.   

We went to Chantraine's farm.  Maurice accompanied me to a barn and pointing to a pile of hay said, "Right, you can rest up there."  I climbed the ladder and settled down on top, completely dressed.  I didn't sleep much.  When I came down, Maurice said, laughing, "You know, you were asleep on a pile of supplies in there."  They were war supplies of course.  There were at least 20 tons stacked under me...

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