Monday, July 22, 2013

French wine and a British bicycler

Pearl Witherington was born and raised in Paris by British parents but she remained a British citizen her entire life and in most ways, retained a very British personality. Below is an excerpt regarding a type of innocent but unwanted hospitality Pearl experienced from French farmers while visiting groups of French Resistance fighters where she assessed their munitions needs following D-Day. I couldn't find a home for it within the pages of Code Name Pauline but as it's very humorous I thought I'd post it here:

"When I arrived at a farm during my various cycling visits and asked for a glass of water, the farmers would always refuse and insist on pouring me a glass of wine.  The first time it happened I let myself be badgered into it but when I left the farm I could hardly peddle.  After that, every time I went to a farm and asked for a drink of water there was an argument.  They would always absolutely insist on giving me wine."
For more on Pearl's (and her French husband Henri's) insightful and humorous take on the cultural differences between the English and the French, see the appendix section of Code Name Pauline.

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